Why you need an effective About page for your website.

We work with a lot of businesses to build them an effective website that delivers leads and enquiries.

During this process, there are two questions that always come up:

  1. Do I need to have an About Us page on my website?
  2. Do I really have to include a photograph of me and my team?

Our advice is always Yes to the first question and It’s optional but highly recommended to the second.


People like doing business with people they like and trust.

The job of your About page is to start them on the road to both liking and trusting you and your business.

They will use the other pages of your site to decide if you can solve the problem they have.

But they won’t pick up the phone or fill in your enquiry form if they don’t think they will enjoy working with you.

Therefore, the goal of your About page is to help them decide if they want you to solve their problem.

Key things to include in your About page

The points below are intended as a place to start when writing content for your About page. It is not a checklist that you must complete. What is most important is that what you write is credible and believable.

About You:

  • How long you have been in business
  • Your experience in this industry
  • Any relevant training or qualifications.

About Your Business:

  • Awards or certifications your company has received
  • Industry organisations that you or your business belong to
  • Statistics about your business, such as how many customers you have
  • One or two positive testimonials from happy customers
  • The geographical areas you cover
  • Your team – you don’t need to name them unless they are a key part of the business.
  • Is it a family business? If so, make sure you mention that.

Establish Credibility and Reliability:

  • Why should someone pick up the phone to call you, or fill in your contact form? You need to come across as reliable, credible, trustworthy and likeable.
  • You can’t make stuff up in here. It needs be grounded in reality.
  • Providing reviews and testimonials from your existing customers will help a lot here.
  • Google and Facebook reviews are a good place to start, if you have them.
  • A selection of standalone testimonials from happy customers is also an excellent idea.

Your Values and Mission:

  • Why are you in business?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What made you start your own business?
  • What gets you up in the morning (business and personal)?


  • Photos of you, your team, you at work and/or any branded vehicles all help people make their decision because they can start to become familiar with you before they meet you.
  • Often this can be covered with a single photo, e.g. all of you standing in front of your branded vehicle(s)
  • People also appreciate seeing the faces of the people they are likely to meet if they choose your business to provide the service they need.


If you’re wondering if an About Us page is necessary for your website, I hope this article has helped you understand how important it is. Thinking about getting a new or improved website? Get in touch – we’d love to design you a website that helps you grow.

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