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Our WordPress Managed Hosting service provides you with peace of mind - simply leave the heavy lifting to us.

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We are passionate about WordPress hosting

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Good, fast WordPress hosting is essential to the success of your website. If your website loads slowly, your visitors are likely to give up and leave. Insecure websites are more easily hacked and exploited. Search engines – particularly Google – consider website speed and security as important factors when deciding where to rank your site.

We specialise in WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. We’ve been hosting websites for over 10 years, and we know how to get your website performing at its best..

If you’re looking for good WordPress hosting where you can stop worrying about your website and get on with running your business, give us a try. We’ll migrate your website for free, and then do what we need to make sure it’s up-to-date, health and running as fast as the wind.


Why host your website with us?

Does your website load fast? Is it secure, or has it been hacked? Are all the plugins up-to-date?

Let’s face it – when you have a business to run, the last thing you want to do is to worry about whether your website is running properly.

That’s where we come in.

When you host your WordPress website with us, we take care of everything. The only thing you have to do if something goes wrong is pick up the phone and let us know. We’ll get it fixed pronto – and you won’t have to pay anything extra.

Our hosting is fast and secure. Not only that, but we monitor your website 24/7 to ensure it keeps running day in, day out, without slowing down or getting hacked.

On top of that, all of our hosting customers get the benefit of a range of premium plugins that we add to your website to help provide better performance.


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Common Questions

Do you provide WooCommerce hosting?

Yes we do - we provide a full "managed hosting" service for our WooCommerce clients.

We see it as our job to take care of the whole technology "stack" so you can stop worrying about whether your site is slow or vulnerable to hackers and focus instead on growing sales and profits instead.

What happens if my site gets hacked?

When you use our Managed Hosting service, we take responsibility for keeping your website safe. We lock it down in multiple ways, back it up regularly, and keep WordPress and the plugins in your site up-to-date. As soon as we become aware of a security issue, we update your site with the fix. And, after all that, if your site gets hacked, then it's our problem to fix - not yours.

How much does it cost to migrate my WordPress website to your hosting service?

We normally migrate WordPress websites to our hosting service for free.

This does not include upgrading your website to the latest plugins/theme. If we need to do this then we will provide a separate quote (but only if we anticipate it will take more than 2 hours to complete). You may also need to pay for the latest version of  your theme or any premium plugins that your site requires to function properly.

How often do you run back ups?

We'll back up your site every day and store each backup for 21 days. We'll also make an extra backup every week, and another every month.

All backups are stored offline in a secure location, and we can usually restore your site from a backup (if we ever have to) within 30 minutes - usually faster.

Oh, and backup storage is included in the hosting price.

How much does your website hosting cost?

Our managed hosting costs from $50+GST per month for WordPress websites and from $65+GST per month for WooCommerce websites.

This includes regular software updates and maintenance. Most hosting companies and web agencies that provide website hosting charge extra for this service.

It also includes regular backups of your site. Restoring from a backup is rare - and usually costs nothing (although we reserve the right to charge you if it's going take us more than 60 minutes to restore).

In addition, we offer a range of premium plugins for caching, SEO, spam protection, image optimisation and advanced web forms that you can use at not extra cost when you host with us.

Can you help me update my website as part of your service?

Our Managed Hosting service covers just the hosting side of things. However, we can also support you with changes to your website, such as add in new content, loading images, performance optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and paid advertsing via Google Ads Facebook/Instagram. Our Website Care Plans can include some or all of these things for a monthly fee. Ask about what's right for you.

Do I need to pay for any plugins in my website?

Plugins provide a way to extend the core functionality that WordPress offers. There are many free plugins available from the WordPress repository.

Where we can, we try to use free plugins when building websites. Sometimes, the best option is to use a premium plugin - i.e. a plugin that requires a monthly or annual fee, either because there are no free plugins that meet your requirement, or because the free plugins don't offer all the features you need.

Our approach to premium plugins is threefold:

  1. We have existing licenses for a number of premium plugins that we include at no charge as long as we are hosting your website. An example is SEO Press Pro which normally costs US$49 per year.
  2. We have other licenses that we will charge a nominal fee for (i.e. less than the going rate for that plugin). An example is Amelia Booking, an appointment and event booking system, which normally costs US$79 per year.
  3. If we don't already have a premium plugin with the functionality you need, we will recommend and purchase an appropriate plugin on your behalf. We will then on charge it to you at cost. We do it this way because it means we have direct access to support from the plugin developers, but the plugin license belongs to you.

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